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Earned Sick Leave
in San Jose

At 1 in 3 San Jose jobs, workers cannot take paid time off if they get sick.

At 1 in 3 San Jose jobs, workers cannot take paid time off if they get sick.

136,754 private sector employees in San Jose — about 35% of our workforce — lack even a single paid sick day.

Vulnerable communities have the least access to paid sick days:

Less than half of Hispanic workers have paid sick days

Only around 60% of single parents have paid sick days

Low-wage jobs are far less likely to have paid sick days.

The lowest-paid workers are the least able to afford unpaid time off, yet only one-third have access to paid sick leave.

Paid sick days are especially uncommon in jobs that involve frequent contact with other people:

Food preparation workers


Food preparation:
cooks, servers

Personal care & services


Personal care & services:
child care, manicurists

Protective services


Protective services:
security officers

So What?

Earned sick days benefit families, employers, and our community:

Healthier Children & Families

Healthier Children & Families

Without paid sick days, tight finances force parents to send ill children to school or leave them home alone. Earned sick leave enables parents to look after their kids, preventing illnesses from spreading in schools and day care centers.

Stronger & Safer Work Environments

Stronger & Safer Work Environments

Allowing sick employees to rest reduces workplace injuries and gets workers back to their peak performance faster. And when contagious employees stay home, it helps keep the rest of the workforce healthy. That all adds up to improved productivity and greater profits.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Earned sick leave allows workers to visit their doctor and get well, rather than putting off treatment or relying on after-hours emergency rooms. Sick days also help family members care for elderly or disabled relatives, minimizing the need for nursing homes or formal care. That reduces the use of expensive medical services and frees up money to grow our economy.